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Frequently Asked Questions
How many towels does GatorGlo recommend I have per car?

GatorGlo recommends at least 6 towels per car.

Can I use GatorGlo in direct sunlight?

Yes you can, but working in the shade is always better (and cooler).

Can I use GatorGlo around the house?

Yes you can! Many household surfaces can benefit from using GatorGlo. Try it on your bathroom mirrors and your bathroom counters. It reduces water-spots on any glass or windows. Try it on your sliding glass door!

How do I care for my micro-fiber towel?

Just wash the towels seperately from your other laundry, in hot water with your choice of detergent. We recommend air drying the towels or using your dryers LOW setting. Towels have been known to last over 2 years. Fabric softener is not recommended.

How did GatorGlo come about?

GatorGlo was founded by Shane Clendenen. Shane has over 15 years in the automotive car and appearance industry. After trying several othercar care products with lackluster results, Shane began formulating his own product in the summer of 2009. GatorGlo Original Waterless Auto Shine was born in August 2009.