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Get ready for Impressive Results that will reflect a wet-looking glo. GatorGlo's Waterless Auto Shine offers resistance against abrasive elements, UV rays, bug stains, bird droppings, & many other harsh substances. GatorGlo's Nanopolymer cleans, polishes and protects clear coats, gel coats, chrome, glass, plastics, & fiberglass. Use GatorGlo as often as needed on wet or dry exterior surfaces only. GatorGlo creates a protective slick surface you can see and feel. GatorGlo can be used in direct sunlight.


 Getting Started:

  1. "Wake the Gator!" Shake bottle until you see all of the white polymers blended.
  2. Spray GatorGlo on the surface you want to clean.
  3. Take a clean micro fiber Gator towel and gently wipe away the haze. Results should reveal a brilliant, wet-looking glo.
  4. As the micro fiber Gator towel becomes soiled, switch it out with a clean one. GatorGlo recommends at least 6 micro fiber Gator towels on hand per vehicle.